The intellectual Agim Mero – Honorary Consul of DMPP

Agim Lasko Mero was born on 12 May 1962 in Fier. He passed his childhood in his birthplace. He finished his primary and secondary school in Fier. He finished the high school for diesel technician in Patos in 1976-81. He is graduated for History-Geography in Eqerem Çabej University in Gjirokaster.

Agim Mero has worked for a long period as a diesel technician in the company of geo-physics of Patos, until 1992.

In 1993 he started his business as administrator of the company Mero sh.p.k., Fier, as only partner. He has practiced and continues to practice business in different fields of economy. He is a successful businessman.

Agim Mero is also distinguished for his contributions in community. He knows how to earn and with a part of the earnings, he supports the needy categories and humanitarian institutions of Fier and Albania.

Agim Mero is erudite intellectual and with his skills he is transformed into a spiritual leader for his community in Fier. He, with his articles of social problematic, is a correct collaborator of the magazine “Eagle’s Wing”.

Agim Mero is intellectual with charitable soul. As a charitable man and missionary he is also dedicated to the Cause of Peace. Agim Mero as a Missionary of Peace has some years that collaborates with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN.

The intellectual Agim Mero is an Honorary Consul of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

Loalda Duka
Advisor of DMPP


About Diplomatic Mission

Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity lobbies for the values of American democracy as the best model for developing democracies.
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