Saimir Mehmeti – Missionary of Peace

Saimir Mehmet Mehmeti was born in Fier on 19 November 1965. He belongs to a family and tribe with patriotic traditions. He passed his childhood in his birthplace. He was educated in Fier. He has made different works in Fier.

In 1993 until 2000 he went in emigration with the dream to be wealthy. Then he returned to Albania with the wish to invest his earnings he made in emigration.

In 2005 Saimir Mehmeti opened the company Renoil Petrol, where he is administrator and only partner.

Through this business Saimir Mehmeti created incomes for his family, employed a considerable number of people in need of his community. With his work he was gradually transformed into a person with charitable soul, willing to help people in economic difficulties.

Saimir Mehmeti due to his work, is now a missionary of peace and collaborates with the international organization Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity.

The missionary of peace Saimir Mehmeti is Honorary Advisor of Diplomatic Mission Peace and Prosperity, part of UN.

Loalda Duka
Advisor of DMPP


About Diplomatic Mission

Diplomatic Mission Peace And Prosperity lobbies for the values of American democracy as the best model for developing democracies.
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